Friends of Open Research Compiler


Last update: June 15, 2002


Many people have contributed through fixes, postings and advices to the release of  ORC. The  list is by no means exhaustive and we are sure to have missed a few. Please drop us a note if we missed you. We have included affiliation with the name to the best of our knowledge. Again, let us know if the information is outdated.


Alban Douillet (U of Delaware)
Arthur Stoutchinin
David Stephenson
DingKai Chen (Tensilica)
Dror Maydan (Tensilica)
Fred Chow
Gautam Chakrabarti (Michigan State U)
Honbo Yang
Jin Lin (U of Minn)
Kristof Beyls (U of Gent)
Lilian Leung
Mike Murphy
Murthy Chandrasekhar
Nenad Nedeljkovic (Tensilica)
Peng Tu (Tensilica)

Peter Dahl
Raymond Lo
Robert Cox
Robert Kennedy (Tensilica)
Shinming Liu
Suneel Jain
Tensilica, Inc.
Wilson Ho
Zhao Peng (U of Alberta)